6" Submersible Pump Set


Specially designed energy efficient pump sets for long durability and trouble free operations in all working conditions. Coupled with cost effective, durable and energy efficient water filled motors.


• Suitable for borewell 150mm(6”)
• Suitable for three phase
• Motor rating from 2.2 KW (3 H.P.) to 15.0 KW (20 H.P.)
• Corrosion and abrasion resistant
• High operating efficiency
• Water cooled rewindable motor
• Light weight and easy to install
• Easy to maintain with Interchangeable parts
• Designed for wide voltage fluctuations.


Product Range

Sr No.Bore Well SizePump ModelOut let SizeHead Range in MetersDischarge in LPMPower in H.P.Single & Three Phase
16″P-302″31 to 12545 to 2703 to 5T.P.
26″P-402″28 to 16050 to 3003 to 7.5T.P.
36″P-502″26 to 19360 to 3603 to 10T.P.
46″P-602″23 to 20672 to 4303 to 12.5T.P.
56″P-702″20 to 17775 to 4503 to 12.5T.P.
66″P-802″27 to 21580 to 4804 to 15T.P.
76″P-1002″16 to 18585 to 5103 to 15T.P.
86″P-2612½”12 to 139195 to 5203 to 15T.P.
96″P-2622½”17 to 114245 to 6305 to 15T.P.
106″P-2733″13 to 96280 to 7205 to 15T.P.
116″P-3023″13 to 78290 to 9284 to 15T.P.
126″P-3233″13 to 60363 to 10905 to 15T.P.


Material Of Construction(MOTOR)

Sr No.Part NameV6″ Motor
1Stator & RotorSilicone Stamping
2Upper Lower Bearing HousingHigh Grated Cast Iron
3Rotor ShaftS.S. – 410
4ArmecharEc Copper
5Bearing BushLTB – 4
6Thrust Bearing SetS.S. – 420 Vs Carbon
7All Stud & HardwareStainless Steel
8WindingPVC/Polyster Insulated Copper Conductor Suitable For
Water lubricated Wet Type, Motor Easily Rewindable At Site

Material Of Construction(PUMP)

Sr No.Part NameV6″  Mix Flow
1Pump Bearing Housing N.R.V. BodyHigh Graded Cast Iron
2Stage CastingCore Suitle Cast Iron
3Neckring For Stage CasingStainless Steel & Natu. Rubber
4Pump ShatStainless Steel
5ImpellerStainless Steel
6Bearing BushLTB – 4
7All Motors & PumpsAll Parts are made by using standard jigs and fixtures.Before assembling interchangeability of all parts are ensured.This helps the to customer for an easy,economical and quick servicing.Special care is taken to keep the dimensions of the components constant during the forthcoming


developments. Used Parts are easy available in market.

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