AC Torque Motor for Winder Machine

Winder Machine Application:

  1. Torque Motors Are Designed For Operation Under Prolonged Stalled Torque or Special Running Torque Characteristics
  2. Horse Power And Speed Are Secondary Consideration
  3. Common Application For Torque Motor Is on Winding, Drives Where Rotational Speed Must Decrease And Torque Must Increase With Diameter of Roll, Since Torque- Speed Curve of The Torque Motor Is Approximately Linear, It Is Well Suited For These Application
  4. A Torque Motor Develops Its Maximum Torque At or Nearly Locked Rotor Condition, Unlike Other Standard Motors
  5. Winding Drive Require Decreased Speed And Increased Torque As Roll Diameter Increase


  1. Winding of Plastic Firms, Rolls, Strips, Aluminum/Copper/Brass/Steel Wire Strips, Paper Rolls Etc

Manufacturing Range:

  1. Torque: From 5 Kgcm Torque Up To 300 Kg. Cm Torque
  2. Mountings: Foot Mounting, Flange Mounting, Face Mounting
  3. Shaft Ext: Standard And Special Shaft Ext

Three Phase AC Torque Motors:

  1. Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled 400/440V
  2. Three Phase Ac Torque Motor

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