Slip Ring Induction Motor with Mechanical Loading

Slip Ring Induction motor is also known as Wound Rotor Induction or Phase Wound Induction Motor. It has a stator like the squirrel cage induction motor, but a rotor with insulated windings brought out via slip rings and brushes. However, no power is applied to the slip rings. Their sole purpose is to allow resistance to be placed in series with the rotor windings while starting. This resistance is shorted out once the motor is started to make the rotor look electrically like the squirrel cage counterpart. The system is supplied along with Control Panel & Mechanical Brake Loading Arrangement mounted on heavy duty 'C' Chanel base Structure and anti-vibration pads. The Unique desing of Control Panel with demonstratative MMIC Diagram helps students to do connections and experiments themselves. The system has scope to learn starting of Slip Ring Induction by rotor resistance starter, speed control or Slip Ring Induction Motor by changing applied Voltage & by changing the resistance of rotor circuit, No-Load Test, Load Test & Characteristic of Slip RIng Induction Motor.


  1. 100 % Copper Windings
  2. Armature Stampings made from electrical grade Silicon Steel
  3. Dynamically Balanced skewed Rotor for Noice & Vibration free operations
  4. Constant & Uniform Pressure Carbon Brush Holders - Lesser Sparking
  5. Dynamically Balanced loading drum pulley
  6. Heavy duty 'C' chanel base structure with Anti-Vibration Pad
  7. Easy Installation and Portability - No Civil Work or foundation required
  8. Choice for Digital or Analog Meters

Technical Specifications :
  1. Motor : TEFC Foot Mounted
  2. Type : Three Phase Slip Ring Induction type
  3. Ratings : 3 HP to 10 HP
  4. Voltage : 415V, 50 Hz
  5. Speed : 1440 RPM
  6. Insulation Class : B / F

Starting Method:
  1. Rotor Resistance Starter/Transistorized with No Volt and Over Load Protection.

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