AC Motor Coupled with DC Generator

Three Phase AC Induction motor is used vastly for large numbers of application in the world. There are specific guidelines is defined for manufacturers under staderds like IS, IEC, NEMA etc. for standardization of Electric Motors world wide. The IEC Standard is followed by major manufacturers in the world for manufacturing and testing of Induction Motors. In India Indian Standard called as "IS" which is derived from IEC. The system is designed to test the Induction motors as per IS : 325. The system includes Three Phase AC Induction Motor & DC Generator coupled flexibly, mounted on heavy duty 'C' Chanel base Structure with anti-vibration pads.The Unique desing of control Panel with MMIC Diagram Demonstration helps students to do connections themselves. Easy Operating System for students to perform No-Load Test, Load Test, Block Rotor Test, Heat-Run Test. For detailed analytican study, students can plot speed-torque, current-torque and efficiency-torque curves to understand the behavior and characteristic of AC Machines.

Product Features

  1. AC motor yoke made up of high grade cast iron frame
  2. High grade silicon stamping stator & rotor with hydraulically pressed
  3. Dynamically Balanced skewed Rotor for Noice & Vibration free operations
  4. DC generator yoke up of high permeability steel
  5. Constand & Uniform Pressure Carbon Brush Holders - Lesser Sparking
  6. Armature stamping of high grade silicon used
  7. Heavy duty 'C' chanel base structure with Anti-Vibration Pad
  8. Easy Installation and Portability - No Civil Work or foundation required
  9. Special guard also provided on the coupling to avoid any misalignment during operation

Technical Specifications:

DC Machine : SPDP Foot Mounted AC Machine : TEFC Foot Mounted
Type : Shunt/Series/Compound Type : Three Phase
Ratings : 0.5 HP to 10 HP Ratings : 0.5 HP to 10 HP
Base Voltage : 220V/380V/440V Base Voltage : 380V/415V
Speed : 1500 RPM(or as Specified) Speed : 1500 RPM(or as Specified)
Insulation Class : B / F Insulation Class : B / F

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