Pole Changing Three Phase Induction Motor with Control Panel

The Pole Changning Motor is a very good demonstration equipment for student to understand the effect of polarity on speed of rotating machines. The system is supplied along with Control Panel & Three Phase AC Induction Motor mounted on heavy duty 'C' Chanel base Structure and anti-vibration pads. The Unique desing of Control Panel with demonstratative MMIC Diagram helps students to do connections and experiments themselves. All the winding coil ends brought our on saperate demonstrative board with banana terminals helps students to change the no. poles can do experiments themselves.

Product Details:

  1. Outer yoke made up of high grade cast iron frame
  2. High grade silicon stamping stator with hydraulically pressed
  3. Dynamically balance die casted rotor of high grade aluminum used
  4. Vacuum pressure impregnation for stator - ensuring high insulation strength
  5. Induction motor with pole changing arrangement on mounting on ms fabricated channels and angle with
  6. Bakelite sheet, bought out all the terminals mount on sheet such as (2 pole/4 pole/6 pole/8 pole/ 10 pole and 12 pole)


  1. Motor : TEFC Foot Mounted
  2. Type : Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction type
  3. Ratings : 2 HP to 5 HP
  4. Voltage : 110/220/440V, 50 Hz
  5. No. of Poles : 2/4/6/8/12
  6. Insulation Class : B / F

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