Synchronous Motor with Mechanical Brake Loading

A synchronous electric motor is an AC motor in which, at steady state, the rotation of the shaft is synchronized with the frequency of the supply current; the rotation period is exactly equal to an integral number of AC cycles. Synchronous motors contain electromagnets on the stator of the motor that create a magnetic field which rotates in time with the oscillations of the line current. The rotor turns in step with this field, at the same rate. The system is supplied along with Control Panel & Mechanical Brake Loading Arrangement mounted on heavy duty 'C' Chanel base Structure and anti-vibration pads. The Unique desing of Control Panel with demonstratative MMIC Diagram helps students to do connections and experiments themselves. Cylindrical type Rotor with separately excited distributed field winding, . Optional provision of Knife-Blade Switch to start the machine as an induction motor and the change over to synchronous speed by switching on DC supply/Synchronous motor starter. The system has scope to learn starting methods of Synchronous Motor, speed control of Synchronous Motor. No-Load Test, Load Test & Characteristic of Synchronous Motor.


  1. 100 % Copper Windings
  2. Armature Stampings made from electrical grade Silicon Steel
  3. Dynamically Balanced skewed Rotor for Noice & Vibration free operations
  4. Dynamically Balanced loading drum pulley
  5. Heavy duty 'C' chanel base structure with Anti-Vibration Pad
  6. Easy Installation and Portability - No Civil Work or foundation required


Motor : SPDP SAPEX Foot Mounted
Type : Auto Synchronous with Damper Winding
Ratings : 3 HP to 5 HP
Base Voltage : Three Phase AC 415V
Excitation : 0 - 180V DC Variable
Speed : 1500 RPM
Insulation Class : B / F

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