Three Phase Synchronous Generator Lab

Synchronous Gererators also called Alternators are the primary source of all electrical energy. Commonly used to convert the mechanical power output of steam turbines, gas turbines, reciprocating engines, hydro turbines into electrical power for the grid.
The system includes a Synchronous Generator coupled with DC Machine(acts as a Prime Mover) mounted on heavy duty 'C' Chanel base Structure and anti-vibration pads. The Control Panel complete with internal wiring and accessories like digital meters, suitable starters, switches, fuses, indiacting lamps and connectors. The unique demonstratative MMIC Diagram helps students to do connections and experiments themselves. 


  1. 100 % Copper Windings
  2. Armature Stampings made from electrical grade Silicon Steel
  3. Dynamically Balanced skewed Rotor for Noice & Vibration free operations
  4. Heavy duty 'C' chanel base structure with Anti-Vibration Pad
  5. Easy Installation and Portability - No Civil Work or foundation required

Technical Specifications:

Synchronous Machine:
 Acts as a Generator 
Type : Salient Pole type / Nonsalient Pole type 
Ratings : 3 HP to 5 HP 
Base Voltage : Three Phase AC 415V 
Excitation : 0 - 180V DC Variable 
Speed : 1500 RPM(or as Specified) 
Insulation Class : B / F

DC Machine:
 Acts as a Prime Mover
Type : Shunt/Series/Compound
Ratings : 3 HP to 5 HP
Base Voltage : 220V/380V/440V
Speed : 1500 RPM(or as Specified)
Insulation Class : B / F

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