Working Cut Model of Machines

Working Cut Section Models of Machines are an important and self demonstrative equipment for Electrical Engineering laboratories. These machines are very much useful for students to study the construction of various types of machines. Students can easily identify various components and operation of these machines.  A comprehensive range of Working Cut Section Models of all types of Machines is specially designed to demonstrate the construction, function of various parts and working principle of the perticular Machine. These Working Cut Models helps students to enhance their knowledge about assembly construction and electro-mechanical functional importance of the components of specific machine.

Comprehensive Range of Working Cut Section Models:

DC Shunt Motor
DC Series Motor
DC Compound Motor
Three Phase Squrrel Cage Induction Motor
Three Phase Slipring Induction Motor
Single Phase CSIR/CSCR Induction Motor
Repulsion Motor
Autosynchronous Motor
Shaded Pole Motor

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