Synchronous Machine Lab

Synchronous motor is a doubly excited machine i.e two electrical inputs are provided to it. It's stator winding which consists of a 3 phase winding is provided with 3 phase supply and rotor is provided with DC supply. The 3 phase stator winding carrying 3 phase currents produces 3 phase rotating magnetic flux. The rotor carrying DC supply also produces a constant flux. 
The system includes a Synchronous Machine-(Cylindrical type Rotor with separately excited distributed field winding, with provision of Knife-Blade Switch to start the machine as an induction motor and the change over to synchronous speed by switching on DC supply) - coupled with DC Generator mounted on heavy duty 'C' Chanel base Structure and anti-vibration pads. The Unique design of Control Panel with demonstrative MMIC Diagram helps students to do connections and experiments themselves.

Scope of Learning:

  1. No-Load Test, Load Test & Characteristic of Synchronous Motor.
  2. Measurement and calculate the positive sequence impedance, negative & zero sequence impedance of Synchronous Motor.
  3. Plot "V" and "Inverse V" Curve of Three Phase Synchronous Motor.

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